Health Activist Master Class: 3 Top Tips To Energize Your Community

At WEGO Health’s Boston Health Activist Meetup I had the privilege of being in a great breakout session led by WEGO Health’s CEO Jack Barrette. Our session focused on ways to get members of your community excited, interested, and how to really keep them engaged. We came up with some great tips that any health community or organization should try. Below I’m posting the one-pager written by Jack called “Health Activist Master Class: 3 Top Tips To Energize Your Community” I hope you’ll enjoy it and let us know how these tips work for you!Amanda

Here we are at Jack’s breakout session! Vigorous note-taking and idea-sharing!

Health Activist Master Class: 3 Top Tips To Energize Your Community
by Jack Barrette

At the September WEGO Health Activist Meet-up, I did my best to keep up with a blizzard of ideas from a roundtable discussion focused not on building your audience (different table!) but on keeping ‘em coming back for more (and keeping ‘em tweeting out links to your content, liking your pages, commenting with abandon…).

As anyone at WEGO Health knows I’ve long been obsessed with the Rule of 3: if we can’t boil anything down to 3 key points, we’re not done prioritizing. So our table got serious about brainstorming and sharing, then did the hard work of picking our Top 3:

1. Everyone Loves (or Hates) A List
2. It’s New To You (And You, And You…)
3. Don’t Stop At Your Blog

1. “Everyone Loves (or Hates) a List”

This is my favorite tip (I made it #1, after all) because it’s quick but deceptively powerful. It boils down to this: create your own Top 10 or Best 5 or Worst 3 list to share your opinions (or admiration or data) about the over-complicated content in your area. Why utilize the list format? For two important reasons:
a. Lists encourage engagement and comments by members – people will want to add something you’ve missed or critique what you’ve got or simply wonder why you’ve only listed that specific number!
b. It’s a great way to highlight other members’ blogs or content. That’s a time-saver for you and a great, fun way to include a variety of different people and resources.

2. It’s New To You (repurpose like mad)

Look through your archives and find ways to re-use content you already have. Save time and resources by repackaging. Imagine highlighting short blurbs out of larger blog posts, cutting up a longer video into quick shareable segments, or simply giving content new life by combining it with new pictures or other content. Get creative – you already have the basic materials. This is an especially good idea for those working within a tight time frame or limited budget. Your hard work deserves more eyes! Make sure you keep it fresh and interesting, of course.

3. Don’t Stop At Your Blog: Connect Your Connections

This is a simple concept too often overlooked. It’s important to remember to multiply your postings, and your audiences, by linking together your social graph.

• Bare minimum: Your Facebook + Twitter + blog/group should all update each other, and remind your audiences to connect to all 3
– BUT WEGO Health Activists warn that “your Facebook should update your Twitter feed, not vice versa – nothing scares away your Facebook fans faster than a wash of hashtags”
• Twitter can be your blog’s best source of new traffic – tweet, retweet, even retweet yourself, and DM other Health Activists to reach out and get help spreading content
• Don’t forget Slideshare, LinkedIn, and other sites you found in your audience landscape. Know where you audience lives and be sure to go visit them there!
• Ask for thoughts! Once your audience has seen your posting, respond to their comments and push them to say more.

You can find the notes from the session here!

Remember that your audience trusts you. Keep your voice consistent and your mission clear. If you feel your engagement-level could use some work – get back to basics and reach out. Know your community and never be afraid to just ask them what they think!

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