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Health Activist Blog Carnival – July Wrap Up!

Last month, we asked Health Activists to share their experiences and tips for traveling.

Here are a few of the excellent entries we received:

Kelly (you may know her better as RA Warrior) shared her experiences driving to and from Mississippi last summer in her post, “Traveling with Chronic Illness/RA“. She talks about how traveling has changed since she was diagnosed, and wonders whether part of the reason we don’t see more people living with severe rheumatoid arthritis, “because people who are limited by RA don’t spend a lot of time traveling around in public places.” Be sure to check out Part 2 of her post, where she shares 20 fantastic travel tips for those living with chronic illnesses!
In “Buckle Up, We’re Going on Vacation with Food Allergies“, Janeen describes how she prepares for family vacations – including everything from grocery lists to kitchen utensils necessary to prevent cross contamination. In addition to some tips about helpful online resources for finding food allergy friendly restaurants near your destination, there’s also a photograph of the final packing results that you won’t want to miss.
Amy K‘s entry, “Health Activist, Will Travel” presents a different perspective on the challenges of being a Health Activist on the road: sometimes one’s health conditions can prevent travel altogether. Amy notes that, “a lot of people with health conditions and a lot of health activists just don’t have access to the funds or support they need to travel.” Be sure to check out the full post – there are some great travel suggestions in the comments section too!
Just getting back from a trip of your own? It’s not too late to share your tips for traveling as a Health Activist with the WEGO Health Community! Take a minute to leave a comment on the discussion in our Health Bloggers Group.

Many thanks to everyone who submitted entries for last month! We hope you’ll come back tomorrow to find out the topic for August’s Health Activist Blog Carnival.

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