New Health Activist Blog Carnival: Health Activists on the Road

This month’s Health Activist Blog Carnival is all about travel.

How do your health conditions impact vacation time? Do you have tips on how to make traveling with health issues a little less of a hassle? Maybe you even have suggestions on how you keep up with your Health Activist responsibilities while you’re away from home!
Whatever you choose to write about, here’s how you submit your entry to the Health Activist Blog Carnival:
  1. Let others know that your post is for the Health Activist Blog Carnival by including the following text at the end of your post: “This post is my July entry in the Health Activist Blog Carnival. If you’re interested in participating too, you can read all about here:
  2. Leave a comment with a link to your entry on this Health Bloggers Discussion – be sure to come back often to check out the latest entries from your fellow Health Activists!
At the end of the month, we’ll feature a few of our favorite submissions here on the blog. Can’t wait to see what stories and suggestions you have to share!

2 thoughts on “New Health Activist Blog Carnival: Health Activists on the Road

  1. Better late than never?

    here is my post!
    Travel Tips When Living with a Chronic Illness

    Looking to get away but are questioning how much you can physically commit to, as well as afford? Here are a few of the tops lessons I have learned while traveling! My best tip? Hand sanitizer! They now come with all kinds of clips so you can clip them onto your purse, back pack, each of your children’s bags, etc.

    Read More! Just click here! Rest Ministries – Chronic Illness and Pain Support

  2. Bridgette Collado says:

    Thanks for sharing this Lisa!

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