Health Activist Blog Carnival – June Wrap Up!

For our June Blog Carnival topic, we invited you to reflect on your experiences as a Health Activist and share your proudest moment with others in the WEGO Health community.

The entries this month were nothing short of inspiring – but let’s be honest, that’s hardly a surprise.
Here are just a few of the incredible submissions we received this month:

Lisa Copen is the founder of Rest Ministries and has been using the web for Health Activism since 1997. In her post for this month’s Blog Carnival, she writes about where that journey has taken her, and shares just a few of the things she’s accomplished along the way. Be sure to read the full post to learn more about her proudest moment – starting National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week!
Alicia admits to struggling a bit with this month’s topic, but we think you’ll agree that her best Health Activist moment is incredibly heart warming. As the founder of The Staley Foundation, and the author of the Awesome Cancer Survivor blog, Alicia’s no stranger to Health Activism – but her best moment came just a few weeks ago. Read the full post to find out what happened at the 11th annual Fabulous Females brunch that has Alicia (and the rest of us) a little choked up.

In sharing her best Health Activist moment, Ellen reminds us that sometimes the most gratifying moments are also the closest to home. Ellen became a Health Activist and an empowered patient when her daughter began showing symptoms of an autoimmune disease – learning how to find, interpret, and explain all the information she needed to understand her daughter’s condition made Ellen the incredible Health Activist she is today, and it made all of her other Health Activist moments possible.
These are just a handful of the amazing posts submitted this month. If you haven’t had a chance to read through all the entries, or if you’d like to submit a belated post (we won’t judge!) – be sure to visit the discussion thread in our Health Bloggers Group.
Thanks to everyone who participated in the Blog Carnival this month. And don’t go too far – we’ll be announcing July’s Blog Carnival topic tomorrow!
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