Connect with other Health Activists – Join a WEGO Health Group

If you’re a member of the WEGO Health Community, you probably already know about our condition and topic-specific Groups but you might not have joined one yet. Our Groups are a great way to stay in touch with other Health Activists who share your interests while staying current on the most recent WEGO Health posts and discussions – we encourage you to join a couple today!

What do the Groups have to offer?

  • Focused conversation and information around your topic of interest
  • Interaction with other Health Activists dedicated to that health condition
  • Regular digests updating you on the latest blog posts and discussions
  • Special access and invitations to WEGO Health events – be the first to know about condition-specific events!

We currently have 50 groups for you to choose from– why not join a few today and get started? Add your voice to a one of the discussions already happening or start your own post – while you’re at it, why not invite other Health Activists or members of your communities to join the groups with you!

To join a WEGO Health Group, simply visit our Groups page and select the groups you’re most interested in!

2 thoughts on “Connect with other Health Activists – Join a WEGO Health Group

  1. Ellen Kagan says:

    I have just finished my book, ELLEN IN MEDICALAND:TRUE STORIES OF HOW I FELL DOWN MEDICINE'S BLACK HOLE AND STILL LIVED AFTER ALL. You can read the chapter, Medical Care from Hell on my blog at I am trying to get this published. Any ideas?

  2. Ellen Kagan says:

    You can learn more about my public access tv series, Your Health Care:Choice or Chance? and the radio program of that same name at

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