Health Activist Blog Carnival – May Wrap Up!

Thanks to all of you who participated in our Health Activist Blog Carnival during May! In honor of Mental Health Month 2010, we asked how mental health has touched your communities – regardless of health condition – and we received a number of great responses.

Here are a few of the great Blog Carnival posts that we saw this month:

Keiko Zoll highlights “The Impact of Infertility on Mental Health” and shares the conflict between “letting it happen” and the mental toll of dealing with infertility.

Amy K. focuses on a common problem for Health Activists – the balance between activism and your own personal mental health – in her post “Mental Health and Me”. She reminds us how important it is to remember our own needs when advocating for our communities.

In her post “Mental Health Month and My Community”, Kristina talks about the need to raise awareness and fight the stigma around mental health and encourages all Health Activists to share their stories.

Food Allergies and Mental Health” is a great example of how often mental health can touch health conditions that seem unrelated. Janeen gives us all an honest depiction of the mental ups and downs associated with diagnosis, treatment, and dealing with any health condition.

And be sure to check out the Health Bloggers Discussion dedicated to this Blog Carnival Topic – you can still contribute to the carnival by leaving a comment linking to your post and see what other posts have been added.

Thanks again for joining us in this month’s Health Activist Blog Carnival! We’ll be announcing June’s topic tomorrow!

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