New Health Activist Blog Carnival: Mental Health Month and Your Community

Mental health issues touch nearly every condition area and are a frequent topic for Health Activists and patients alike. In honor of 2010 Mental Health Month, brought to us by Mental Health America, this month’s Blog Carnival will focus on the importance of mental health within your communities.

This Month’s Topic: Mental Health Month and Your Community

Tell us – and your fellow Health Activists – how mental health has touched your community and what role it plays in the conversations there. Do members of your communities talk about depression and mental health issues in conjunction with their other health conditions or is this a topic that doesn’t get discussed? If you’re already focused on Mental Health Month, let us know how you (and your communities!) are chooding to honor and engage this month – and add your ideas to our ongoing discussion – Get Involved: Gearing Up for Mental Health Month.

Whatever you choose to write about, there are two things we ask that you do:

  1. Let others know that your post is for the Health Activist Blog Carnival by including the following text at the end of your post: “This post is my May entry in the Health Activist Blog Carnival. If you’re interested in participating too, you can read all about it here:
  2. Leave a comment with a link to your entry on this Health Bloggers Discussion – be sure to come back often to check out the latest entries and read your fellow Health Activists’ stories!

At the end of the month, we’ll feature a few of our favorite submissions here on our blog. We can’t wait to hear what your communities think about the important of mental health!

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