Health Activist Blog Carnival – April Wrap Up!

April was quite a busy month for Health Activists – so thanks to everyone who took the time to share their Health Activist Story!

Here are a few of our favorite Blog Carnival entries from this month:
Janeen describes herself as an “Accidental Health Activist” – she didn’t set out to blog about food allergies, but in doing so, she found a community of others online looking for information and support.
In “Here I am, a Health Activist!“, Amy shares her inspiring story of Health Activism. After reading a blog post in the WEGO Health community, Amy took action – she signed up for an ASFP walk in her area and began using social media tools to spread the word about suicide prevention, mental health, and living with chronic illness.
We were pretty flattered to hear that Karen‘s “I’m a Health Activist” moment came when she received an invitation to our Health Activist Meetup earlier this month. Be sure to check out her blog post about the event to read more about how she realized she’d been a Health Activist all along. We had a hunch, Karen!
Have a great post that didn’t get in by the deadline? You can still share it with our community by leaving a comment with a link on this discussion thread.
Thanks again to all the Health Activists who submitted entries this month!

Check back here later today to find out what May’s Blog Carnival topic will be!
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