Health Activist Blog Carnival – February Wrap Up!

Many thanks to all of the Health Activists who participated in and spread the word about our new Health Activist Blog Carnival last month!
We had many fantastic, inspiring entries about Relationships and Chronic Illness, and encourage you to check out the discussion thread for links to all of them. Don’t be shy – leave comments for your fellow Health Activists!
Here are a few of our favorite Blog Carnival entries from this month:
Novel Patient‘s post, “Dependency” addresses the relationship between patients and caregivers. She also discusses some of the challenges she’s faced being as an independent person whose chronic illness has forced her to rely on others and shares an exciting new accomplishment with us, so be sure to check it out!
In her post on SickMomma, Aviva talks about how chronic illness has changed her friendships. She poses the question, “How do you stay a part of your friends’ lives if you’re not able to get out and socialize with them?” Do you have any suggestions for Aviva? Leave her a comment and let her know!
Janeen tackles the often tricky nature of chronic illness and family relationships in her post. Having a young child with life-threatening food allergies changed the way Janeen’s family was able to celebrate the holidays, and it’s taken almost five years for her extended family to adjust to this “new normal.”
Have a great post that didn’t get in by the deadline?
You can still share it with our community by leaving a comment with a link to your post here.
Thanks again to all the Health Activists who participated in the Blog Carnival this month – we hope you’ll all check back tomorrow to find out what March’s topic will be!

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  1. ChupieandJ'smama says:

    Thank you! It was fun and informative to read everyone's posts. It's nice to get such a varied perspective on this topic.

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