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Health Activists Use Social Media To Help Americans Understand President Obama’s Health Care Plan

A few weeks back, we let you know about a poll that we conducted that measured how well the general public understood President Obama’s proposed health care plan. As the bill continues to make its way through Congress, we looked back at the data — particularly the comparison of Health Activists and the general public — and found Health Activists are considerably more knowledgeable about the President’s proposed health care plan than most Americans.

A few key findings:

  • 64.1% of Health Activists correctly stated the plan will limit/cap out-of-pocket medical expenses an individual can incur, versus only 42.3% of the general public
  • when asked if the plan would ensure competition among health insurance companies, 63.1% of Health Activists correctly said yes, versus only 41.8% of the general public
  • Among Health Activists, 92.2% said that the President’s plan would cover all US citizens, as opposed to only 69.2% of the general public
  • 72.8% of Health Activists correctly said the plan would not include those who are in the country illegally, as opposed to just over half (50.7%) of the general public

This shows the importance of Health Activists in researching and translating the complex information withing the health care reform bill. “As all aspects of health care grow more complex, Health Activists are emerging as the new experts,” says Jack Barrette, WEGO Health CEO, “they have combined real-life experience with online research and a mastery of social media to become consumer opinion leaders. President Obama would do well to get to know Health Activists as he works to explain his plan.”

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