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Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

In lieu of the 25th annual Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October) I wanted to start a post that’s full of links to breast cancer sites and other information and ask the community – what are you doing to celebrate this month? Whether you’re a survivor or have a loved one that is – October is a month to honor all you’ve endured and the huge achievement you’ve made. And while the media sometimes tends to make Breast Cancer seem pink and cheery – it’s not called “battling” cancer for nothing. Let’s brainstorm ways to honor those who have survived, those who have passed on, and those who continue to fight breast cancer.
Planning a Breast Cancer Awareness event? Get media attention with these tips.
See what’s going on at the Susan G Komen for the Cure Site
Skeptical about the “fighter” terminology? Join Marie’s discussion.
Join WEGO Health’s Cancer Group
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What are you planning? What are others in your online communities planning? What tips do you have for commemorating this month? What are your favorite stories or links? Join the conversation!

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