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This week on WEGO Health Loves: Frozen Pea Fund

Ever wonder if Twitter can really be used to start a movement? Well it can.

Just ask Susan Reynolds. Self dubbed the “Nana” of Twitter, Susan is a breast cancer survivor and catalyst for the Frozen Pea Fund.

Frozen Pea Fund isn’t just another fundraising campaign, it’s a story of support and the creation of a community around a movement for awareness and a search for a cure.

What started as a way to support Susan during her own cancer journey soon transformed into something far greater. It has brought together individuals bounded by a common experience to raise awareness and thousands of dollars for cancer research.

Susan’s personality is contagious. Her sense of humor in the face of adversity and her willingness to openly tackle such a devastating disease is inspiring. Frozen Pea Fund and Pea groupies alike reveal the power and potential of community, the web and the Twitter-sphere.

Susan on the web:

Read more about Susan and the Frozen Pea Fund “How Frozen Peas Started A Movement” in the Washington Post

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