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What’s New @ WEGO Health

Maybe the better question is – what isn’t new. Last week was a busy one. Clearly the rain didn’t dampen our moods or our productivity. Here’s a quick run down of all that happened:

Haley wrote a touching and informative post about Silent Illnesses, which included a look at The Spoon Theory as well as resources and support available to those impacted by such illnesses.

Amanda wrote, “Seasonal Allergies Attack!“, reminding us that “[A]llergies are everywhere and WEGO Health is no exception! Since Spring sprung a few weeks ago – we’ve had a lot of great discussions and blog posts about itchy eyes, sneezing fits, and prevalent tissue piles (read full).

Speaking of allergies, are you an allergy sufferer that seeks, or offers, allergy advice online? Then we want you. Recruitment is under way for a paid focus group for seasonal allergy sufferers. Please see full event posting for additional information and to complete a short survey to be eligible for participation.

We hate to brag, but we are totally loving our WEGO Health Loves series (and we hope that you are too). Last week we spotlighted the amazing work of Stirrup Queens. Stay tuned for this week’s edition where we will be featuring CureTogether.

Lots on our plates this week. Expect some great Women’s Health related pieces and details about an encore performance of our very popular Twitter Power Tools for Health Activists webinar.

It’s not boring around here that’s for sure!

Photo courtesy of Roger Smith via Flickr


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