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Seasonal Allergies Attack!

Allergies are everywhere and WEGO Health is no exception! Since Spring sprung a few weeks ago – we’ve had a lot of great discussions and blog posts about itchy eyes, sneezing fits, and prevalent tissue piles.

Have you noticed that this year your seasonal allergies are worse than ever? You’re not alone. In fact, some say that this year seasonal allergies are at an all time high! Some say allergy attacks started a month earlier in 2009 than 2008!

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As plants and trees bloom and flower earlier each year due to climate changes, the pollen gets more unbearable. In places where the weather shifts from cold to warm really fast – the plants get confused and often release their pollen all at once, causing an allergy overload! Did your city make The Worst Cities for Spring Allergies 2009 list?

Here are a few tips to try:

  • Use an air conditioner to filter the air (even using the fan on your AC unit can help keep pollen out of the house)
  • Try to avoid outdoor activities at peak pollen times (early morning and late afternoon). If you want to exercise or be outside – midday is the best (between noon & 2pm).
  • Switch up your shower routine: washing your hair or bathing before bed gets pollen off you so you won’t be sleeping with it.
  • Wash your sheets and pillowcases weekly. This is a good way to get rid an environment of pollen and dust mites (which can trigger allergies all year round!)
  • Check out webmd’s comprehensive How To Survive Spring Allergy Season

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  1. when my allergies start creeping in and kicking my butt, I immediately use a trick my mother taught me. I put two teaspoons of vinegar in a  humidifier and let it run all night… usually keeps me good all day!

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