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We Love Stirrup Queens

Here at WEGO Health we’re always looking for great new resources – sites we know our community members will find helpful and informative. So we’ve created a new series, “WEGO Health Loves”, to share some of our favorite sites for Health Activists.

Check back every week to see our latest crush. We hope you love them just as much as we do!

This Week on WEGO Health Loves: Stirrup Queens

During a recent podcast interview with Kelly Damron, author of the book Tiny Toes, we candidly discussed the challenges faced by women who are experiencing infertility. Specifically the need for information that is not always available in a society that may not be supportive or sympathetic to the conversation.

Enter Melissa (Mel) Ford of Stirrup Queens. Stirrup Queens has carved out a space full of life, information and support as well as the brutal, yet critical, honesty required by those of us who have experienced or are currently experiencing struggles with infertility. Mel’s passion and spirit is undeniable. It jumps off the site and makes challenging conversations with difficult topics open for discussion in a safe and nurturing way.

You don’t understand, so let me explain.

We thought we’d be able to have children and then we couldn’t.

It wasn’t a choice to enter into treatments/adoption/donor gametes; it wasn’t an option.

Having a child may feel like a choice to you, but it isn’t to us.

You and I will need to disagree on that, because you’ll never change our feelings about having a family be a need over a want.

Excerpt from A Stirrup Queen’s Manifesto

The site itself boasts an impressive array of resources and is perhaps one of the most comprehensive sources of infertility information. It covers a myriad of issues that impact women who are trying to conceive including the more heart wrenching topics of loss, disappointment and the ever-growing list of reproductive options available.

In addition to the website, you can find Stirrup Queens on Twitter (@stirrupqueen) – and an online community devoted to the conversation. The honesty of the community is striking and it’s impossible not to feel a connection with these women. Stirrup Queens is not only an impressive repository, but a safe place for women struggling with infertility to support one another through the journey. Thank you Stirrup Queens – many of us couldn’t do it without you!

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