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We love Zeer

Here at WEGO Health we’re always looking for great new resources – sites we know our community members will find helpful and informative.  So we’ve created a new series, “WEGO Health Loves”, to share some of our favorite sites for Health Activists.  

Check back every week to see our latest crush.  We hope you love them just as much as we do!

This Week on WEGO Health Loves: Zeer

Zeer‘s goal is to help you buy better groceries.
To do this, they’ve created a huge database of product information – ingredients and nutritional information on all kinds of foods you might find at the grocery store.
But all this information is really only the beginning.  Members use this database to find products they’ve tried, and review them.  
Now, you’ve got the perfect mix of information at your finger tips: facts & figures from the company + opinions of people who’ve actually tasted the product.
The greatest part about Zeer, and what I think will be most exciting to Health Activists out there, are the Communities.  They’ve got a whole category for people dealing with food allergies (and another section for food intolerances), as well as groups set up for diabetics, women who are TTC or expecting, people on low-carb diets, and many, many more.
As a member of one of these communities, you can recommend specific products to other members, ask questions, or discuss relevant community issues.  The Peanut Allergy Community, for example, has discussions about traveling with peanut allergies, questions about peanut and tree-nut free ice cream, and recommendations for everything from peanut-free cake decorations to the best peanut-free frozen pizzas.
If you aren’t a member of Zeer yet – what are you waiting for?  Check them out today!  
Who knows, you might even run into some of your favorite WEGO Health Activists.
  • ChupieandJ’smama

    Very Interesting! I'll have to check Zeer out. Thanks for the tip.

  • Sarah

    This is a super cool site! (Should we email you if we have a site or should we just post it ourselves?)


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