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Spotlight: Hethir Rodriguez

: Hethir Rodriguez
Websites: Natural Fertility Info.com
Blogging for: 3+ years
Occupation: Natural Fertility Specialist/Herbalist
Favorite food: Cherimoyas (tropical fruit) or berries

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I still do not think it is a nature vs. medical situation. I think there can be a balance found in fertility methods. Every woman’s individual situation is different.

What motivated you to start Natural Fertility Info.com?
Some years ago my husband and I became pregnant for the first time. Shortly after, we had a miscarriage. Everyone said that this was normal… but surprisingly, a couple of months later when we became pregnant again, we also miscarried again. At that point, I drilled my doctor and asked him why the miscarriages were happening and what I could do to prevent them. He had zero answers for me.

I was angry and sad, but still determined to find answers for when I wanted to become a mother in the future.
I began to research both medical and natural options and I found out the most interesting thing: there was SO much research available! So many studies with natural therapies that had great success rates (from 32%- 79%). And being an herbalist, this struck a cord with me. So I went on a research frenzy. I spoke with women who had fertility problems but overcame them and I interviewed fertility specialists, both medical and natural. I also spoke to women who were having no success at all. I searched deep into the scientific studies and journals and I came out with some of the most amazing, life-altering information available.

Then I began to share this research with my clients and readers… and they have been having great success.

What was your motivation for getting involved in the natural fertility community?
At the beginning it was not so much motivation as it was a calling. During my research, I realized that, though it was still very needed, most of this information was not available to the general public. So I decided to start www.NaturalFertilityInfo.com as a way to help educate women on their natural fertility options. One of my main intentions is to instill hope and empower women on their fertility journey while providing them with concrete, natural options to consider.

What are some of the first tips you tell people who come to you that are in the initial stages of infertility diagnosis or are simply trying to conceive?
There are a handful of foundational tips that I think every woman preparing for conception should know. Here are four:

1. Focus on eating and follow a nutrient-dense fertility diet. Food does make a difference.
2. Every day, take a whole food prenatal vitamin and omega 3 essential fatty acid.
3. Hormonal balance is key for healthy fertility. One of the best ways to balance your hormones is through the use of liver-supporting herbs.
4. Know when you are ovulating. Learn how to chart your fertility so you know you are most fertile.

What encouragement and/or advice would you offer to those experiencing infertility?
It can be a tough experience to go through fertility issues, but I would encourage women and men to look at it as a healing journey – an opportunity to find out more about your body and soul. Challenges can be our greatest teachers. I know my miscarriages were.

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