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Spotlight: Andréa Albright

Spotlight: Andréa Albright
Blog: Andrea’s Healthy Weight Loss Blog
Newsletter: Amazing Body Now
Blogging since: February 2007
Work: I’m an Author, Yoga Instructor, Meditation Guide, Healthy Weight Loss Coach and former “chubby girl”
Favorite vacation spot: Thailand – Love the fresh fruits and vegetables, the crystal-clear beaches, and the people that smile like the sunshine.

Favorite food
: Raspberries – they’re full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and they burst and bubble in your mouth like champagne.

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What led you down this career/career-path?

When I used to be fat, I tried all the famous diets to lose weight but nothing worked. Then I accidentally discovered a simple system that made the fat melt off my body. I wrote a book and started to put the idea out there because I wanted to help other people who were struggling to lose weight. Now this simple system has worked for thousands of other people too.

What was your motivation for getting involved in the health community?
There is a lot of bad, false information out there about weight loss. Once I discovered how to lose weight naturally and permanently, I wanted to share it with people confused about healthy weight loss and show them how to do it step by step.

What are some of your favorite treatment/weight loss methods?
First is “Count Chemicals Not Calories” – I call this my 3C Rule and it is one of the easiest and best things you can do to lose weight naturally. As it turns out, counting calories doesn’t work, but counting chemicals does. They put chemicals in food to keep it from spoiling and to make it taste better – but these chemicals destroy your health and your waistline and cause out-of-control cravings that make you eat way more food. This makes it impossible to lose weight. So Count Chemicals Not Calories. Read the ingredient label on everything you eat. If there are chemicals in it, don’t eat it.

Second, “Throw Away Your Scale” – The scale is the worst way to judge your health or weight loss progress (everyone uses the words “weight loss” but what you want is fat loss). As you get healthy by exercising and eating healthy foods without chemicals – you are going to be building muscle and bone density (your bones will get thicker and stronger – that’s a good thing!). You may gain weight because muscle and bone weigh more than fat cells. But your body will be getting smaller and tighter all over (that’s what you want!). If you throw your scale away, you will not be fooled by numbers. You will focus on more consistent and more reliable methods to judge your progress.

Lastly, “Tune In To Your Spirit To Stay Inspired” – When people tell me they need more motivation to lose weight, I say, “What you really need is inspiration”. The word inspiration literally means, “to bring in the spirit” in Latin. By connecting to your spirit (or your greatest meaning and purpose for living), you will have an endless supply of motivation to continue because it will be connected to the greatest power you have available to you.

What inspires you?
My personal mission – to change the way women lose weight. So many women struggle and suffer because they hate their body and the way it looks. They are living in a prison inside their own body. I want to help them break free. Every woman who wants to get healthy and live a life without extra body fat can do it. I’ve seen it happen to so many different people all around the world. I know this system works and it’s so very simple. I just love teaching it and spreading the message.

What have been the benefits of using the web in this way?
You have the ability to connect with millions of people around the world and get immediate feedback on your writing, videos, blog posts, etc. You can truly listen to your audience because you are in a “real time” dialogue with what your audience wants, and you can give them exactly what they need to succeed every day.

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