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Contest Winners!

We’d like to announce the winners of our book giveaway! Amazing Health Activists: Patricia F. Anderson, Connie, Stacy, wholemom, and Jasmine! These exciting Health Activists, in addition to joining the WEGO Health community, have won a copy of How Doctors Think by Jerome Groopman. Congratulations! We look forward to learning from each of you. Your unique, important perspectives will add so much to our health community.

Learn more about our winners:

Patricia F. Anderson was the coauthor/editor of the Medical Library Association Encyclopedic Guide to Searching and Finding Health Information on the Web, her first major effort to reach healthcare consumers en masse. Now she is working with social media to explore health information and outreach beyond search engines. She works as the Emerging Technologies Librarian for the Health Sciences at the University of Michigan.

Connie is pleased to provide basic information (to anyone who will stand still long enough) about dystonia, as well as movement disorders in general. As an RN, she feels fortunate to have that opportunity in a variety of settings. She’s gained much information on dystonia from WEGO Health, Care4Dystonia, DMRA, and through her own research. In addition, having made the journey of losing her son, Connie wishes to mentor those who have gone down this road after her, as it certainly affects emotional health and even physical health. She welcomes any contact from those who have dystonia or those who are trying to survive the loss of a child.

Stacy wears a lot of hats, but they all involve the same subject: health. She is interested in chronic pain, TMJ disorder, headaches & migraines, fibromyalgia & ME/CFS, RSD, ankylosing spondylitis, how people deal with chronic illness, and other topics. Some of her many hats include: writer, patient advocate, community manager, and non-profit consultant.

wholemom left her career in marketing to stay at home when her twin girls were born five years ago. This past year, she began studying holistic nutrition through Trinity College of Natural Health and will have a Certificate in Nutritional Counseling upon completion of her classes. In November her sister-in-law and she decided to start “Living a Whole Life,” a blog dedicated to exploring holistic nutrition, naturopathy and greener living. Her goal is to help others realize that good nutrition and exercise really does make you feel better, fight off illness, and live a longer happy life!

Jasmine is a strong, 35 year old woman who loves to blog about her life with Migraines, Fibromyalgia, and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. She does this to help others who are suffering, as well as educate those who are not. Her life is better now that she’s learned to turn the negative experience of pain into a positive, purpose-filled one.

Congratulations, again!

3 thoughts on “Contest Winners!

  1. I echo what Stacy said (/me waves back). I am so new here, I feel almost like it was cheating to win something so soon. 🙂 Great book, tho, and I’ve been wanting to read it.

  2. I found this late, but I wanted to thank you again for the book, and congratulate everyone!

    The book has been a great read – such an interesting perspective. It’s the perfect reminder that doctors are just as human as their patients.

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