Tips and Tricks for Migraine Management at Home

Without a doubt, living with migraines is difficult. Daily tasks are often complicated by pain and sensitivity. However, those who suffer from migraines can still lead successful, normal lives in and out of the home, despite the pain they experience.

WEGO Health community leader, Ellen Schnakenberg, shares her insight and suggestions about how you and your family can manage migraines. As many migraine sufferers know, there can be barriers between those who have migraines and the family around them, Ellen notes that with a little planning and communication everyone can live more comfortably. These tips can help make any living environment more at ease for the migraineur while still maintaining order, productivity and happiness for every member of the family.

• If you have darkened your home by covering windows – candlelight can be a great, warm alternative to lamps.

• Organization is key when keeping an effective home, especially when pain takes its toll. Plan as much as you can ahead of time.

• Keep a journal of contacts, schedules, chores, and other specifics someone should know when you are dealing with a migraine. Less confusion will help everyone function better.

• Your family is a team. Have occasional family meetings. Discuss how you will distribute chores so everyone has a role. Write these down on a chart or list.

• Take care of yourself! Eat, drink, and take your medication. Get things done and know when to rest.

• Be good to yourself. Realize your accomplishments are baby steps in the right direction. Continue to do the best you can.

• Plan meals in advance. Shopping lists and menus will help others pitch in.

• When you cook, make two or more meals at a time. Freeze other meals and label the contents, date, and cooking instructions so family members can find them and begin cooking.

• Crockpots or other slow cooking methods prepare meals on their own. Assemble ingredients and recipes beforehand and anyone can easily start the meal.

• Ask for help from neighbors and friends. Trade favors to get the assistance you need with housework. Consider hiring someone to help out. Sending laundry to a Laundromat could also be a big help.

• Budget money and time to allow for sicktime.

• Educate family members and friends about migraines in terms they will understand. Their awareness and comprehension will make everyone feel better.

• Make special one-on-one time with each family member when you are feeling well.

• Plan family time together. Have weekly outings and date-nights. Spend time together baking, playing games, or watching movies.

Remember your family loves you, misses you, and worries when you are suffering. When you are in pain, they are affected. Managing stress and sharing responsibilities will help everyone feel more comfortable and live better when migraines kick in.

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