Our Community Honored!

The entire WEGO Health community has been recognized by the good folks at Ning, one of the world’s leading Social Networking companies. Here’s their spot-on write-up, titled “Get Going – To WEGO Health:”

The WEGO Health network exists to help educate health activists and make them more efficient and effective, and it provides a host of solid resources and formidable motivation.
WEGO Health keeps the focus on its people. Major health activists are regularly interviewed for the network, and guides are posted to help you learn to reach more people with your communications as an activist and share your own successes and tips in turn.
This much close attention on celebrating and expanding personal accomplishments gives
WEGO Health a clear and empowering message. The network wants to show that you individually can make a meaningful difference as an activist. Even the one upcoming event is a request for personal stories of coronary heart disease to share directly with government officials; every contribution counts.
WEGO Health, it’s the personal touch that matters. Every members is eager to educate you, and the network has a dedicated page for asking questions, so that you can better learn how to help others. Then, with the network as inspiration, you can go make something positive happen.

1 thought on “Our Community Honored!

  1. ChupieandJ'smama says:

    Awesome! Congrats to WEGO Health and all the dedicated people that work there. It truly is a wonderful website (even if I’m a tad biased).

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