Spotlight Interview with Mama Bean

Primary blog: The Tales of Mama Bean
Secondary blog: Mommy Spice
How long have you been blogging? I’ve been blogging online for nine years, but I didn’t start this particular blog until my pregnancy in 2007.
Occupation Stay-at-home mom, part-time transcription editor.

What made you start blogging?
I began blogging on Open Diary nine years ago. I was 16 and wanted to vent out some teenage angst. I’ve always loved connecting with people online, because there’s a certain wall there that makes it easier to share personal or sensitive information about yourself. When I got pregnant, I really wanted to chronicle it for myself as well as share my experiences with others, so I started The Tales of Mama Bean.

What motivates you in your writing?
Currently, I am motivated to write for two reasons: so that I can log and remember important events related to my daughter’s development, and so I can get out my feelings on certain subjects. While I do love having an easily-accessible record of baby firsts, being able to just type out my thoughts or experiences uninterrupted is usually what drives me to write.

Who do you admire in the women’s health community?
Among many, many others: Toni Weschler, Ina May Gaskin, Martha Sears, and Kelly Bonyata of

How do you balance pharmaceutical treatments with complementary therapies?
I think it’s all about realizing that each one has its value, and that different things are going to work for different people. Two intelligent and reasonable people can read the exact same information on traditional medicine versus homeopathy, for example, and have completely opposing opinions on which would be better for them. As for me, I prefer to try gentler and more natural remedies first before turning to pharmaceuticals, but I definitely appreciate the advances made by the medical community.

What are the biggest trends you see around birth control? Child birth?
The biggest trend I see is that more women are researching options for themselves. We have easy, instant access to so much information today, and it’s so much easier to make an informed choice. Women can go online and read up about different birth control options, and instead of talking to their doctor without any prior knowledge, they can go into that appointment knowing what they want to try. Same with pregnancy and birth – more women can decide what, if any, prenatal testing they want to go through, and what they want available for pain relief, from active positions to water birth to an epidural. We have a chance to see what’s out there and talk to health care providers with a more informed perspective.

What is your favorite health-related website?
I’m a huge fan of, which has a ton of research-based information on breastfeeding. That’s the website I’ve consulted the most in the past year since my daughter was born. I love that despite getting misinformation on breastfeeding from otherwise awesome and competent medical professionals, I’ve had a good resource to turn to where I can find accurate and trustworthy information on my own.

What is your favorite health-related book?
I absolutely love Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler. I love that Weschler promotes fertility awareness, as I think that kind of information is really eye-opening and empowering for women.

Is your writing/project therapeutic?
Most definitely. On those really stressful and frustrating days, my thoughts are a jumble in my head. Writing helps me organize all that mental clutter, and then I have a concrete visual representation of it, and that itself feels therapeutic. But what feels really good is reaching out to a community of people who care and understand. The support I’ve had from other people in the blogosphere has really helped me get through those trying times, and knowing that they’re there reading takes a load off my mind.

Who inspires you?
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