Health Activists: Check Out TweetDeck

Once in a long while, a new technology I try really sticks. TweetDeck is one of those, a vastly superior way to manage Twitter… I am *addicted.* Most useful to me is the search function, which helps me keep track of other folks who are tweeting about health social media (for example, I found the effusive jenmccabegorman). But the entire application is an instant revelation, organizing streams and replies in a way you just have to see to understand.

I’m predicting this will accelerate Twitter‘s popularity, and make it more engaging for us all to find each other. Go forth and Tweet!

1 thought on “Health Activists: Check Out TweetDeck

  1. Alliance4Health says:

    It was via twitter and tweet deck that I found WEGO I am @cascadia on twitter and love networking with other health care activists and wonder how long it would have taken me to discover you otherwise.

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