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The Higher Calling Of Social Media, #3: Engage With Grace

Engage With Grace is an amazing project I learned about and yes, cried about at the Health 2.0 meeting in San Francisco. Alexandra Drane, who launched this campaign to spur discussion of end-of-life wishes after her sister-in-law Rosaria Vandenberg died at 32, gave me the sudden, unexpected gift of another deeply emotional Reason We All Care So Much About Health Social Media.

I’ve written before about uniting people to solve health issues as social media’s true Higher Calling – and Engage With Grace’s amazing efforts are a compelling example. I dare you to remain unmoved or uninspired after you read this article from today’s Boston Globe, or better yet after joining Alexandra’s now worldwide cause from the Engage With Grace web site.

I’ve already joined this weekend’s blog rally, asking folks to bring up the topic over Thanksgiving dinner. EWG is also asking all of us stuck doing millions of powerpoint decks to add this one simple slide to the very end of our presentations – a slide that asks everyone in the meeting to think about and address this issue. I’m betting thousands of people have seen the slide just since Alexandra asked the Health 2.0 crowd to join her.

If it sounds crazy, like something you’d never do, you haven’t read the article yet. Click, read, do.


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