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Alzheimer’s Disease Advisory Board Update

We had a great session on Wednesday night with some of the Health Activists in the Alzheimer’s disease community. We talked a lot about what new features WEGO Health should be focusing on to better support the caregiver community. Participants want us to bring together caregivers, patients, doctors, folks who run facilities (both hospitals and long-term care units), and pharmaceutical companies doing drug research. What impressed me most was the collaborative spirit during the session.

Here are a few of the folks who participated:
Carol from Minding our Elders and OurAlzheimer’s.com
Danny from Battle the Spread
Anne from Monday’s with Mother

Thanks to everyone who participated and please feel free to contact us if you’d like to participate in the next session.

2 thoughts on “Alzheimer’s Disease Advisory Board Update

  1. I enjoyed the session very much and look forward to being much more active on WEGO Health.

    Carol Bradley Bursack
    Minding Our Elders

  2. Carol, we hope you’ll challenge us to add to the Alzheimer’s disease community – tell us how we can continue to support leaders like you! And we’ll be following up last week’s session right away with some ideas to execute the group’s “most valuable Health Activist programs” vote!

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