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Some Alzheimer’s disease research and inspiration

I’m getting ready for the Alzheimer’s disease community advisory board session we’re having tomorrow night and I’ve been doing some research on the Alzheimer’s disease blogging community. There are many great writers out there.

YOY at Alzheimer’s Moments documents his journey caring for his mom. Check out this conversation.

Krista at Alzheimer’s Team cares for her dad and has been conducting some great interviews.

Bob Tell at Caregiver Chronicles has completed his book. Excerpts are available on his site.

And of course Carol Bradley Bursack at Minding Our Elders is simply magnificent. Make sure to check out our interview with her.

Who do you follow in this community?

2 thoughts on “Some Alzheimer’s disease research and inspiration

  1. Hi Adrienne

    Thank you for visiting my blog and for the link to it on your WEGO Health Blog. I wish there were enough readers to justify my continuing to post book excerpts on my blog. However, I have had such wonderful feedback from readers of the actual book that I think serious caregivers will continue to purchase and benefit from it. Best wishes.

    Bob Tell, Author

  2. Hi

    I came across your blog when I went to visit my friend Bob.

    Great blog you have here.

    I think I will add you to my blog list at my Caregiver Alzheimer’s blog

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