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How sick are we?

The notion that economic crisis is forcing some to cut back their prescription medications put me in a mood just thinking how dependent we’ve become on meds in general. I have nothing but questions:

We know we’re fatter than our grandparents, but are we sicker? If so, why?

If not, then why so many meds? And better, which ones can we do without?

It’s easy to identify spikes obesity and diabetes. But what about in food allergies and autism? What about depression and anxiety? Are suicide rates up or down? What about alcoholism and drug abuse, where are we with that?

Clearly we’re living longer, that much we know.

Someone points out that no one jumped out the window after this financial crisis the way their great-grandfathers did in 1929. Someone else points out the windows on Wall Street no longer open. So what are we seeing?

In terms of your health and mine, does what we see reflect a better diagnosis, an increased incidence, or a hyper-diagnosis/hyper-medication? You can start anywhere.


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